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Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Good afternoon! I hope you are enjoying the above freezing temperatures in Lake Mills this week. I sure am! I find it funny the way we see 40 degrees in the spring versus how we see 40 degrees in the fall - it’s all about perspective, isn’t it! We despise the drop in temperatures at the beginning of the season, and welcome it with open arms after the dark winter is over.

As March rolls in, and spring starts to make its appearance, I find myself comparing this year to last. Last year this time, I was feeling confident - ready for my 5th year at the chamber. I knew what needed be done at certain times of the year, when to start planning for different events; I was well versed in the logistics and processes for programs and celebrations. And then the world was turned upside down and, like many of you, all my plans went out the window!

I’m looking forward to spring and summer of 2021 with caution, but also with optimism. I look forward to the return of beloved events (with residual health and safety modifications, of course) and to continuing some of the new programs we established during the pandemic. I feel more prepared, and I think we all have the new notion to consider the what-ifs when it comes to regional, state-wide or even global disruptions.

Much like the change in seasons: March 2020 was dark and bleak, but March 2021 has hope and new life. I welcome the warmth, and I welcome the new perspective!

Have a great weekend,

Executive Director Lake Mills Chamber Development Corp. | (641) 592-5253

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