The Trio Boutique, New Member Feature

In a time when so much shopping is done online, businesses have to get creative in this digital era! The Trio Boutique is a home-based boutique that has been structured to be flexible; primarily selling products online, at pop-up parties and at local vendor events.

The boutique was established in 2017 by owner Meaghan Welter of Lake Mills, Iowa, and offers an array of women's clothing ranging from scarves, beanies, leggings, blouses, sweatshirts, dresses and much more! All prices are reasonable and affordable and Meaghan keeps The Trio Boutique's inventory fresh by continuously introducing new items!

Meaghan named her business "The Trio Boutique" after her motivation and driving force to become a business owner, her three children. Meaghan has spent the past few years being a stay at home mother, and has loved every minute of it. It was in a mothering moment that her business idea came to her.

"The Trio Boutique became an idea of mine when I realized the struggles of shopping for unique clothing, at a reasonable price- all with three children in tow," said Meaghan. "After our son was born, it quickly became obvious how difficult it would be for me to go shopping for myself with all of the children."

Meaghan also recognized that there were not many shopping options for women's clothing in rural areas, and set out to fill that gap.

"Women are busy. Whether you have a full time career, a stay at home mom, or a little bit of both - we are constantly on the go. I wanted to create something that brought women together," she said, stressing that she believes it is important for women to take time for themselves and to build a healthy social life balance. "This was how I came up with the idea of pop-up parties! At these parties, The Trio Boutique comes to you, giving you the opportunity to shop and spend an afternoon with your girl friends."

At The Trio Boutique private pop up parties, Meaghan brings the retail store to you - setting up in the host's home or location of choice. It allows for attendees to conveniently shop at home. The boutique also has a permanent location in the Welter's garage, where customers can shop by appointment.

Meaghan and her husband, Will, moved to Lake Mills from Dubuque in 2011 when Will was hired by Black Hills Energy, and they lived in the community for two years. The next two years were spent in Colorado after a career switch, but they returned to Lake Mills in 2015 with their kids.

"[We] plan on being here for the long haul," said Meaghan. "The social networking in small towns is unbelievable. It's such a powerful force for new business."

According to Meaghan, when she launched her site and introduced her new business, a tremendous outpouring of support was the response. She had many people eager to help her expand the business and clientele.

"I booked three private parties within a week of starting The Trio Boutique," said Meaghan. " It was an amazing feeling."

Meaghan enjoys watching women buy clothing that make them feel beautiful.

"It's an empowering feeling to watch a group of women feel confident about themselves. It's a wondering feeling being a business owner and knowing you were part of that happiness," said Meaghan.

Owning The Trio Boutique is not without it's challenges, however! Meaghan has learned that shopping to meet a wide variety of customer styles is difficult.

"One challenge that I didn't think was possible with owning a retail business would be picking out the items I will sell," said Meaghan. "It's a daunting task to try and please everyone. Some people hate stripes, and others love them- some hate floral, and others love it! Trying to shop for a plethora of women has become a challenge, but certainly a fun one!"

According to Meaghan, following consumer feedback is critical, and having self control when browsing vendor catalogs is necessary.

"It's a task to not purchase every thing from vendors. When you are given a list of 200 items and they are all amazing, you want to buy them all," said Meaghan.

With a vendor list so tempting, you are guaranteed to find items you will love at The Trio Boutique! Head on over to the boutique's Facebook page to check some of them out now and join me in officially welcoming The Trio Boutique to the LMCDC community!

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