Manufacturing Month 2016

October is National Manufacturing Month, so we teamed up with the Lake Mills Community Schools and Winn-Worth Betco to host a weekly presentation where we had local manufacturers come in and speak about what is happening being the closed doors of their facilities. Our goal was to educate kids on what careers are available right here in Lake Mills, Iowa.

Friday, October 7 - National Manufacturing Day, Women in Manufacturing

Our first presentation was by Larson Manufacturing, who gave a brief history on their company before introducing three women who worked within Larson Manufacturing. Each woman had a different level of education and worked in a variety of areas within the company, ranging from the assembly line to the adminstrative suite. It was a great way to show the variety of job opportunities, as well as the growing diversity within the industry.

Friday, October 14 - Tool & Die

In our second week of presentations we hosted Mark Wilkinson, owner of Wilkinson Tool & Die and Midwest Metal Stamping. Mark discussed his business and the processes that go into tool and die. The median age of tool & die workers is currently at about 48.9 years old, so you can assume there will be an workforce gap as tool & die veterans start to retire. It's a great time to get our tech savvy, young problem solvers thinking about becoming a part of that group of skilled employees needed to fill in. An aging workforce can open the opportunity to learn from the most experienced and to advance within organizations very quickly. Another bonus, tool & die degrees can be obtained in two years and at very low costs!

Friday, October 21 - IT and Technology Advancements

Next Generation Technologies impressed the kids with some cool gadgets and real-world examples of how everthing around us is continually becoming more technology-driven. The Internet-of-things is growing every day, especially in the manufacturing world. Many careers and jobs that millennials will hold in the future, don't even exist today! Manufacturers and community colleges all over Iowa are teaming up to stay ahead of the curve.

Friday, October 28 - Reaching Customers Far & Wide

Next up, we had DRAS Cases in to talk about their services and the ability to reach customers all over the country! You wouldn't know it driving by their facility in Lake Mills, but DRAS Cases serves customers like Buffalo Wild Wings and Echo Shoes, among several brands of hotels, medical facilities, restaurants, and more! DRAS Cases has been in Lake Mills for over 20, designing and building casework using advanced manufacturing equipment.

To continue to educate and building connections among our young people and local businesses, the LMCDC, Lake Mills Community Schools and Winn-Worth Betco. are planning to hold a career planning and college education night for students and parents during the spring of 2017. Keep an eye out for more information!

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