Rhonda's Decadent Delights

Entrepreneurs are often very passionate about the career they have created for themselves, showing pride in what they have built. Meeting with Rhonda Frisk, owner and operator of Rhonda’s Decadent Delights, it was so very apparent that she loves her job and the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. Rhonda started Rhonda’s Decadent Delights as a small, home-based business in 2011. “It was almost by accident,” said Rhonda. “I brought cupcakes to work [at Cummins] one day, and somebody suggested I sell them at the Farmer’s Market – so I did!” Rhonda’s Decadent Delights was formed and her delicious cupcakes continued to sell out at the Lake Mills Farmer’s Market every weekend from there on out. Rhonda's Decadent Delights specializes in cakes and cupcakes for all occasions, but also offers cookies, pies, bars and more; and everything is made fresh to order! In the four years of operation, Rhonda gives credit to her customers for her growing success. “Word of mouth, it’s so important,” she said. “I think I have only purchased one real ad in my 4 years, but I am still growing!” Reflecting on the past years, Rhonda expressed her appreciation for how smoothly her business has developed and grown. “Even right away, I think I knew I would succeed. Within the first couple of weeks, I went out and bought business cards and other office supplies – without a second thought – I just did it!” Rhonda has also grown personally. “I didn’t know how to bake cakes from scratch back when I started, and I used to be terrified that somebody would call and ask me to do a wedding. But now, I am so excited to work those types of events – and you will never catch me using boxed cake mix ever again!” With not many businesses like it in the area, Rhonda's Decadent Delights offers affordable and personalized options that help to make any event special. Rhonda's favorite part of the job is watching her customers react to their finished product. "Hands down my favorite part is when customers come in to pick up their order and are in awe of what they see," she said with a smile on her face. "I put a lot of dedication into the quality of my products, they reflect me and my business, and there is nothing like when a customer responds with pure joy."

Rhonda's Flavor Facts: (Current) Favorite Flavor: Lemon Meringue Best Seller: Peanut Butter Cup Most Unique Flavor: Tiramisu Rhonda's Decadent Delights can be contacted at (641) 592-0303 or at rfrisk@wctatel.net. Like them on Facebook and check out more flavors!

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